I’m Back

No sooner do I make the commitment to blog regularly than my laptop crashes and dies. The best of intentions, they say… Anyway, $130 later and my laptop is back and virus-free.


Lessons learned from this experience:
1) Always back up your files
2) Make sure your virus scanner is running regularly.

But, I’m back now.

Back from blue screen of death hiatus. Back from March break madness. And back-at-it now that the kids are back at school. My house is clean, I can blog again, and I can get back to some writing projects I had on the go before all heck broke loose. It feels good.

Speaking of back, and feeling good, let me introduce you to one of my store’s more famous customers who was back last night. We like to call him, Underwear Dude.


Yep, he’s the guy – the very manly guy – who likes to come into my store about once a month and spend HOURS browsing through our ladies’ lingerie department. Initially, we gave Underwear Dude the benefit of the doubt: maybe he’s buying for his wife or girlfriend. But then how do you explain the bra & panty set in size petite small, and the granny panties in size 2XL he purchased at the same time? Yeah, we try not to think about it too much either. Except that we keep having to deal with him acting all shifty, rummaging through our racks of underwear, and refusing to accept assistance (ok, we‘re not really too broken up about that last part).

Last night he spent close to two hours shopping in our women’s underwear department, and ladies clothing department. I’m pleased to inform you he purchased several spring themed satiny bra & panty sets, and an ugly women’s tshirt with beading detail in size XL. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course. But it just seems to me that if you’re into women’s underwear, there has to be better places to shop for it than a small town department store.

You can all thank me for the image of Underwear Guy doing lord knows what with his treasures.

And on that note, I’ll be back.

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  1. Too funny friend. Scary, but funny.

  2. Great ideas! Sorry for passing on the procrastination gene ;-(

  3. Very humerous – I am loving your “Underwear Dude” story! If you don’t mind I might do a small write-up on my blog, directing people over here to check it out.

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